Saturday, May 20, 2017

When It Snows

Well, here in Colorado it's been making more like winter than spring. Snow and more snow. Whenever I dared to stick my nose out the deck door, all I heard was the snap of tree limbs cracking throughout the neighborhood. Ouch.

Though, I have to say, bad weather makes for good sewing. The miniature quilt in plaid got finished.

I really liked the little one that got sent off in the quilt swap.

So I'm making another one, in softer colors this time. (Hmmm. Terrible color in that photo. It's actually very soft and pretty, I think. Perhaps my photo once it's quilted will come out better? . . . Hope springs eternal.)

I really couldn't ask for a better way to unwind from end of the semester chaos than reproduction fabrics and little quilts.  Of course, before long I need to start prepping for a new class that's just beginning this fall. That will be fun though. So, reading, writing, sewing, crochet, and continuing my efforts to learn how to knit. My goals for the immediate future.

Ahhh . . . .

Monday, May 15, 2017

Plugging Along

So, this past week it's all been about finishing up the semester: grade, grade, grade, break, grade, grade, grade.

There's a limit to how long I can grade at a time, so I've been pulling out little projects to work on. I cut out the patches for this pincushion years ago. Something that doesn't require mental concentration is exactly what I need during a grading break, so a project where all the thinking has already been done is perfect. All I needed to do here is sew the patches together.

I'm hoping to fill a basket with red and white pincushions. Here's my start:

There's just something about red and white . . . .

But then, once I finished the pincushion, I needed another little something, so I pulled out homespun patches I had also cut out years ago. First, I laid out the patches.

And then started sewing them onto a Fold and Sew foundation. (I call this my long tumbler to set it apart from the tumbler foundation that is in Miniatures in Minutes.)

Perhaps I'll finish that up later this week? I love the warmth of homespun. And it sure feels good to get some of those little projects hanging out in the drawers done!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Humble Quilts Doll Quilt Swap

And a half-hour after I posted that last blog entry, my hubby walked in the door with a package for me, a lovely quilt from my swap partner Carol.

I love cheddar and blue as a combination. What a gorgeous little quilt!

And look at the beautiful hand stitching. How pretty and even those stitches are!

Carol sent some lovely little extras as well.

More of those reproduction fabrics we love and a cute button and tape measure fabric. There's also some Canada flag fabric but I missed getting that in the photo. (Oops.)

Thank you, Carol!

My first little quilt was a little too little. It's here with the pincushion I made as a little extra.

I also made one of the Pink Penguin fabric baskets in linen and reproduction fabrics, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

Here's a second take on a doll quilt, a little bigger this time. The X-Blocks finish at 3 inches.

To get a look at all the wonderful doll quilts, hop on over to the Humble Quilts blog and have fun with the linky party. Thank you, Lori, for once again organizing such a fun swap!

Almost Sew Time

Oh, the semester! How it interferes! But, I'm almost there. It's the week of finals. Which means grading chaos, of course.

Still, earlier in the semester I pulled out my AccuQuilt GO! and ran off more tumblers and sewed them on. This guy is -- finally! -- ready for borders.

And I joined in the Humble Quilts doll quilt swap, so I'll have pictures to show soon.

But for now, it's grading, and looking forward to sew time ahead!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Little Bits

Every bit of progress counts, right?

I finished another miniature in process that has languished in a dresser drawer for years. I am so happy with this one. I love how dramatic the red and black is. This is scrappier than it seems at first glance. Each one of those half-hexagon(ish) shapes is actually three 1/2" finished triangles. A bit insane, really, but I love it.

Then I used some GO! dies to add appliqué to the round robin I'm (finally) working on.

They're working well, I think, to cover up bare spots that turned out to need something.

I used leftovers to piece together a backing.

Now I need to baste it together and get to the actual quilting! School is on, however, and that means quilt time has cut way back. Particularly since I've got a set of papers and midterm exams to grade. (Give me a week and life will resume).

And since I want to continue to work on finishing up other little projects, I'm returning to the Kaleidoscope Kreator block I made years ago. I decided if I made up another one, I could use the pair as outer pockets on a tote bag. I got to play for an hour one morning and came up with the new design. Even though I haven't made much with this program, I'll admit, the designs it creates really are incredible.

Here the new design is, starting to sew the feathers.

And now I just need time to get back to the sewing room. I go to my office with the old Rawhide theme in my head: "Grading, grading, grading . . .  keep those essays moving . . ."

Friday, January 27, 2017

Blocks Be Gone!

So, one set of blocks that have been haunting the closet shelves are gone. First, I made a baby quilt.

Very bright and happy.

Then I took the leftover blocks and made a pile of hot pads. I used the AccuQuilt GO! to cut the circles.

I think they look very summery!

I also finished up a little miniature quilt in process that had been stuffed in a drawer for several years. When I took the photo, I was still tacking down binding so that explains the clips in the corners.

That miniature was an experiment. Believe it or not, the central piecing -- the shoo-fly blocks and the sashing -- was all done on a single foundation using Fold and Sew. It worked but was way too fussy to be a truly viable method. Still, I'm impressed it worked as well as it did!

And then, for this weeks GO! Sew Challenge, I'm working on finishing up another project that has been sitting in the closet for years. (So-o-o-o many of those!) This will be another baby quilt for a charity. This quilt was a round robin. I'm using the GO! dies to finish in some blank areas that I think need some filling. At this stage, I'm just cutting out paper shapes to see how they fit.

We'll see where I am next week. Right now, it just feels right to work on clearing out the old before bringing in any more new.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bit by Bit

So, progress is being made. I finished the 50 Shades of Red swap miniature. My own true love, bless his heart, says it looks like an alien: "I can see its eyes."

I got the binding done on the Everlasting Tree miniature quilt.

I finished binding the AccuQuilt GO! Fall Medley hexagon hotpads.

And I got a good start on a Blocks Be Gone! project -- as in, I had blocks that have been sitting around for years because they seemed too good to throw away, but I didn't like them enough to finish the quilt. So, this last week, the goal was to make them GO AWAY. I'll have more to show in a few days, but here's part of the process. Using the GO! circle die and making hotpads.